Warlingham Parish Council Council reports potholes to Surrey County Council as soon as it becomes aware of them but, if you are concerened about potholes in the area, use the link available on the home page of this website to report the pothole directly to Surrey County Council.  Surrey's reporting page also provides information on how to report the pothole and, depending on the severity of the damage, the priority it will get in the repair programme.


The LED Halos have now been installed on the zebra crossing outside Son Flowers near the Green. These were funded jointly by the Parish Council and County Cllr Becky Rush. These ultra-visible halos ensure the crossing can be seen easily by drivers in all light conditions and should improve pedestrian safety.

On Wednesday 6th November, Cllrs Morrow and Pursehouse gave evidence on behalf of the Parish Council to the Planning Inspector who is currently examining Tandridge District Council’s Local Plan. A number of issues were addressed of interest to all of us in Warlingham, including educational requirements and the case for moving Warlingham Village Primary School, the need for re-provision of playing pitches and the impact of the proposed developments on traffic and infrastructure. Anyone interested can view the webcast at https://tandridge.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/453563

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