Following Warlingham's Parish Plan, Warlingham Parish Council is managing a number of projects in order to follow up on some of the Plan's most important suggestions and to generally make Warlingham a better place to live in. 

The Green

• Maintaining the Planters and the area by the Farleigh Road junction

• New bin installed.

• Hanging Baskets: Regularly refreshed

• Unauthorised Banners and Posters removed

• Bank and garage sites: urging TDC & owners to keep sites respectable and supporting positive and appropriate proposals

• Commercial Review undertaken: traders’ views recorded and will inform future actions. Attempting to form Traders Group

• War Memorial: quotes obtained to clean it ; extended discussions with WM Trust about re-carving letters

Green Improvement Project

The Parish Council has been working for some time on a project to improve and refurbish The Green. Last year a consultation was held on a design which was then amended to reflect residents’ comments. The main elements of the scheme are new road and pavement surfacing incorporating attractive paving, new crossings to enable pedestrians to reach the central Green from all three sides, improved drainage, new street furniture and planting.

The scheme has now been costed and discussions held on how the approximately £1.9 million total cost could be funded. As funding will not be available for the full scheme in one year, the project will have to be phased. A first phase costing between £400,000 and £500,000 appears to be realistic, jointly funded by the Community Infrastructure Funds (“CIL”) held by the District and Parish councils.

We have asked the project architect to modify the design to enable the scheme to be delivered in three or four phases. The main change is to have an un-patterned surface and to largely keep to existing road widths.

The Council has agreed that phase one of the scheme will comprise new pavements on two sides (Co-op and newsagent) , kerb modifications to improve turning at the corners, improved drainage to address the flooding at the eastern corner, the new crossings, humps to slow traffic at the entrances to The Green and some new furniture and planting.

Warlingham residents have now voted to support the Parish Council’s plans to improve The Green – 81% voted in favour, 19% against. To view the proposal and latest plan put forward for public vote click here

The Parish Council will be seeking to progress the scheme as quickly as practicable once funding has been obtained, but, given the current coronavirus crisis, we can’t yet say when that might be.

Warlingham Appearance

• The Parish Council does its best to keep Warlingham attractive

• Bulb planting at base of gateway signs

• Regular Litter Picks organised on common land; plan to do Westhall Road near Green in autumn

• The field at Westhall/Hillbury junction attracts a lot of litter and the hedge a problem: occupant pressed to get hedge cut back and clear litter

• Unsightly banners and signs removed by Surrey at our request

Parks & Open Spaces

• Mint Walk Recreation Ground: formed working group to support residents suffering ASB; resulting in CCTV installation shortly and police engagement

• New Bench in Blanchmans Community Wildlife Area

• Common Land: tree survey undertaken and remedial works done

• Kennel Farm Fields: investigation into establishing a right of way including calling for evidence from residents; analysis of responses in due course


• Regular reporting of potholes and other highway defects; but Surrey regularly say insufficient funds to do desired work.

• Parking Enforcement: discussion continued with R&B to try to reach agreement on us paying for extra resource; but unsuccessful to date and now TDC has resolved R&B should be replaced

• Snow Clearance: the Green cleared by volunteers this Winter as every year. More volunteers always welcome

• Lobbied to get Street Lights turned back on & offered to pay –lighting now extended to 1 a.m. Pressing for Mint Walk to stay on with police support

• Grass cutting frequency may be reduced: we’ve budgeted to pay towards maintaining it


• Planning Committee meets three weekly to review applications in Warlingham and makes representations to TDC. Objections lodged where felt to be out of character or unneighbourly.

• You can still examine plans in the Library due to our (and other) representations

• Local Plan: we still await the Draft Local Plan which will say which Warlingham sites are proposed for development

Warlingham Community Library

• Parish Council and Surrey County Council jointly run the Library in a unique partnership agreement, which continues to work well

• Fifth Anniversary of the CPL celebrated in January. Huge thanks to our volunteers for making it such a success

• Continuing increase in visits and book issues

• The volunteers continue to do displays, events and welcome visits from schools; the Summer Reading Challenge is very successful and inspires children to join the Library and read

• Hiring out continues for meetings and other suitable activities

Village Events & Community Groups

• Christmas Lights are partly funded and fully supported : this year’s event attracted over 4,500 attendees

• Remembrance Sunday: a parish council committee organises this important annual service on The Green. 1,200 attended last November. Matting purchased to assist.

• Continue to fund and support the annual Warlingham Walk: 2017 walk had about 70 participants

• £11,000 was given in grants to local organisations including £5000 to the Church Hall for internal improvements


• Monthly article in CR6 provides updates on Council activities

• Website provides core information as well as news stories

• Community Events Listing: please advise your events to Cllr Prew

• Facebook Page set up and used to publicise important events and activities

• Noticeboard: please do look at the notices